Our Ambigram generator below takes single words like (FAMILY) & creates an image which can be read upside down.

Try entering a meaningful word or name in the box below and then click on either Old English or Script for the font
If you need inspiration we have a selection of suggestions - Try your name & your partners name!

Ambigram Maker : Ambigram Generator

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Enter the two names  & click on one of the two scripts to see if we can do it!



The Ambimatic is available from here

It's as easy as 1-2-3
1- Enter your name or word, click on a font choice to create your preview
2- Once decided click continue to go to the payment page
3- Pay *£13 for your high resolution design which will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

*Ambigrams cost GBP 13 / 19.95 US Dollars

What is an ambigram?
A design that may be read as the same word or phrase (or sometimes two different words or phrases) when oriented in two different ways, usually when reflected in a vertical axis or when rotated through 180 degrees.

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